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Testimonials from some of our artists and friends.


Dear Guy,

I want to congratulate you on your work and tireless effort to create a world class instrument. Your amazing friendship and loyalty has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you!!!!! The latest instrument that you sent me was a fitting tribute to all of the painstaking research, insight and skill that you possess. I think you should be very proud of your accomplishments - as a friend, I am certainly proud of you. I look forward to many more years of friendship.

Lots of love,

Franklin Cohen
Principal Clarinet, Cleveland Orchestra
Severence Hall Cleveland


It's often forgotten that Guy Chadash is not only a superb maker of clarinets, he is also a superb and versatile craftsman who does  fabulous repair and restoration work. The various mechanical and acoustical things he has done to my instruments border on the miraculous -- the instruments play better than when they were brand new. Even when you as the player feel that something is off but cannot quite identify the problem, Guy can quickly zero in on what needs to be done. Then that does it and you're left shaking your head at how wonderfully it all turned out. His combination of instrumental ability and mechanical skills must be the reason why Guy is in a class by himself. And, he's an exceptionally nice person to boot.

Paul Globus
Freelance clarinetist
Montreal, Quebec


The Chadash clarinet is a unique product, which is the result of a combination of Guy’s knowledge of clarinet acoustics together with his years of professional performing experience. A fine player himself, Guy’s excellent concept of tone and musicianship are the ideal complement to his clarinet fabricating skills. Final adjustments in intonation, response and key work are done in consultation with the client to allow for consideration of the individual player and mouthpiece. I have truly enjoyed rediscovering the beautiful sound of the clarinet with my new Chadash instrument. Bravo, Guy!

Steven Barta - Principal Clarinet Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Institute


The clarinets which Guy Chadash makes are absolutely beautifully crafted mechanically and tonally beautiful.  They possess a wonderfully rich, even scale and excellent intonation.  Guy's artistry, craftsmanship, resourcefulness, and creative thinking are "cutting edge" in the world of clarinet making!

Robert Crowley

Principal Clarinetist,
Montreal Symphony Orchestra
Teacher, Faculty of Music
McGill University


Guy's instruments play to my strengths and don't exaggerate my weaknesses. They have the flexibility of sound of a Buffet combined with the evenness of scale and resistance of a Selmer...I never see Guy happier than when a bunch of people are there in his workshop. The Chadash clarinet is a clarinet made with love.

Karl Herman

Principal Clarinetist
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra


I don't think anyone knows more about the acoustics of the clarinet than Guy. I'm really impressed with the evenness of the scale and the intonation as well the overall sound of the instrument.

Dennis Nygren
Clarinet Professor


The Chadash instruments are fantastic clarinets. When Guy makes his clarinets, he tunes the instrument to suit the individual needs of the player.

Daniel Gilbert
Associate Professor of Clarinet, University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, & Dance
Clarinet Professor at Case Western Reserve University
Former Second Clarinetist, Cleveland Orchestra


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