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Northbranch Records, LLC, P.O. Box 5233, North Branch, NJ 08876, (908) 252-2828,


Trial Period
The trial period is two weeks from the time that you receive the mouthpieces.  Any mouthpieces you do not intend to keep must be postmarked within the two week trial period.  For your convenience, you will notice the return date on the invoice as well.  We are unable to take back any mouthpieces not returned within the trial period.  

Payment and Shipment
We require payment to ship items out.   We can charge a credit card, or if you prefer to pay by check you can send us a check as well.  We are unable to send items without securing payment first.

All major credit cards, personal checks, and Paypal payments are accepted.

Please note that the mouthpieces will be shipped in protective cases.  There will be a $5 charge issued for any unreturned cases.  This includes if you purchase a mouthpiece.  We use these for safe shipping, and appreciate their return.

We can issue a refund (less shipping and a $5 cleaning fee) for returned mouthpieces, provided they are returned in pristine, new condition and the way they were sent.  PWIC reserves the right to determine quality of inventory upon return.  

Please note that if mouthpieces come back with scratches, teeth marks, etc, we will be unable to refund the purchase and mouthpieces will be considered purchased and returned to the owner.  To help you avoid this, we have patched the mouthpieces, but please take care not to scratch the mouthpiece with a ligature (especially inverted Bonade ligatures).

Custom Work
The first round of adjustments comes with the mouthpiece purchase- you are only responsible for shipping.  Any additional work will be billed at Mr. Hill’s hourly rate.

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