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Northbranch Records, LLC, P.O. Box 5233, North Branch, NJ 08876, (908) 252-2828,
Northbranch Records, LLC

Our Recordings

We are proud to offer our Private Audience Series, released under our label by talented musicians.  So many talented artists are unable to break through the barrier of the big record companies, and NBR specializes in provinding recording opportunities for these artists. 

In addition to records released under our label, we also have CDs and DVDs available for purchase from some of PWIC's consulting artists. 

Private Audience Series

Current Offerings on the Northbranch Records label
"The Clarinetist Composer"
[David Hattner, clarinet; Albert Tiu, piano]

"Concierto para Trio"
[Triode- Albert Tiu, piano; Joseph Esmilla, violin; Sean Katsuyama, cello]

Recordings for Sale

Featuring some of PWIC's clients and consulting artists

"Opening Night"

[Mark Nuccio, clarinet; Sheryl Staples, violin; Hsin-Yun Huang, violin; Yulia Ziskel, violin; Elizabeth Dyson, cello]

"Cyrille Rose: Thirty-Two Etudes for Clarinet"
[Christopher Hill, Clarinet; John Walker, piano]

Instructional DVDs

Reed Talk: An Informal Guide to Making Oboe Reeds
[Matt Sullivan]

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