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Currently, we carry the Buffet Crampon Prestige Greenline Oboe.  This unique combination of 5% carbon fibers and 95% Grenadilla wood powder gives these oboes the beautiful, tonal qualities of a natural wood oboe and the strength and durability of the carbon.  The Greenlines oboes are extremely resistant to environmental changes, and aren't subject to the strong tendency to crack that a normal oboe faces.  This leaves you spending less money and stress on cracks and repairs, and more time to focus on making music without having to compromise at all on a beautiful tone. 

In addition to the durability that comes with the Greenline material, there are also serious environmental benefits to the Greenline oboe.  Since the Greenline material is constructed with the Grenadilla powder and shavings left over from the clarinet making process, what used to be waste is now valuable materials.  Not only is less waste produced, but the environment is less impacted.  Grenadilla is a rare African blackwood, and takes decades to be ready for harvesting and instrument manufacture.  Without responsible harvesting practices, the Grenadilla we have all come to love for our instruments may be in trouble.  By being responsible with the material that we already have, and by developing this new technology, Buffet is paving the way for a more sustainable musical future.

Buffet Crampon Professional Greenline Oboe, Model 3613G
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