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Northbranch Records, LLC, P.O. Box 5233, North Branch, NJ 08876, (908) 252-2828,

Northbranch Records

Welcome to Northbranch Records. Our record label is dedicated to presenting you a selection of wonderful yet seldom heard classical works for solo and small ensemble. These works are performed by talented musicians with extensive performance credentials whom you may not have encountered in commercial recordings yet.

It is our goal to provide you with an intimate encounter with the performers and music as you would experience them if the performance was presented for you alone. In pursuit of that goal, we are pleased to present these performances to you for your private enjoyment.

Our performances are:
  • Presented in recital form
  • Recorded directly on 24-bit digital
  • Captured using the finest microphones
  • Prepared with as few edits as possible to preserve the beauty and continuity of performance
In a time where so many performances are edited, filtered, and heavily sterilized, we proudly present our recordings as an alternative.  We hope you enjoy the music, and perspective, as much as we do! 

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