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Instrument Cases

We offer a full line of BAM France cases for all instruments, in addition to some more custom options. We (almost) always have the BAM Trekking clarinet case in stock, both Bb case and the double, and usually have the Hightech in stock as well.  If there is something else you need, we can very easily order it for you, so don't hesitate to ask!

We also have a variety of cases that are great alternatives to the more traditional models.  These shells have room for storage of all the accessories that you need and can't live without, and easily fit the Buffet hard cases. We have personally selected these to go with the Buffet Single/Double cases and they fit beautifully. 
Things we like:

BAM's line of Hightech Series cases are fantastic.  While the case is admittedly a bit higher priced, we love it.  Light, compact, and easy to travel with, particularly on airplanes, the Hightech creates a safe environment for your clarinets and has plenty of room for all of the accessories and music you need to get the job done. 
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