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Our professional clarinets are truly what establish us as a unique dealer, and how so many people have begun their relationship with us.  

We take our instruments seriously, and know that you do too.  
That's why every professional instrument on the shelf has been hand selected, either by owner Mark Sloss, or by our professional consulting artists.  We pick only the instruments that meet our most exacting standards, so that you can use them to meet yours.

Buffet Crampon et Cie. Professional Models:
Bb, A Clarinets


This is our most popular model, and always available in stock.  From serious high school students through to seasoned professionals, the R13 has provided clarinetists worldwide with the performing experience they demand to be their best.  Grenadilla wood, and either nickel or silver keywork.  

R13 Prestige
Another very popular model, we generally have limited quantities available.  The R13 Prestige features natural African blackwood (or, Green LinE material), the Eb lever on the left hand, metal capped tenons, and GT pads.  

Divine, Tosca, RC, Vintage
Due to the rarity of these instruments, combined with our selectiveness in inventory, these models are usually available by request.  Occasionally we will have them in stock if we find a truly exceptional instrument on an inventory trip, so please check in with us if you are interested.   

Eb Clarinets

RC Prestige
Generally available and in stock.  The RC Prestige is a fantastic instrument, ready to tackle your most demanding Eb clarinet needs.

Tosca, RC, R13
These are usually by request, although occasionally in stock when we find an exceptional instrument. 

Buffet Crampon et Cie. Intermediate and Performance models: 

We think the E12F is fantastic, and a truly a solid instrument.  Perfect for the serious clarinet student who isn't quite ready to make the jump to a professional clarinet, the E12F is made of grenadilla wood, silver keys, and derived from the same French tradition of the professional models.  This model is generally available and in stock.  

A great "step up" model, for the clarinetist who ready to go from a plastic horn, to their first wood model.  Depending on where the student is in their development, and where they see their future with clarinet, we usually recommend either this clarinet, or right to the E12F.  

Well produced, ABS resin clarinet for those just beginning their clarinet journey!  Generally available and in stock. 

Selmer Paris Professional Clarinets 


The Recital boasts a warm, rich sound, and provides power and projection for those players looking for a specific sound.  Generally available by request.  

A bestseller among the Selmer series of clarinets, the Signature features a solid, centered sound.  These clarinets have a combination of a focused sound with warm colors.  Generally in stock and available.  
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