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Chris Hill Mouthpieces

PWIC is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Chris Hill mouthpieces.

Mr. Hill focuses on providing a custom, high level mouthpiece to suit the needs of individual performers.  From the blanks to finished product, each mouthpiece is custom made with a level of detail matching the needs of the highest musicians.  Unlike some other mouthpieces, Mr. Hill produces the blanks for the mouthpieces himself, working off of a copy of an old Chedeville that was melted down and analyzed.  

Mr. Hill's mouthpieces are played by top artists such as Steve Barta of the Baltimore Symphony, David Peck of the Houston Symphony, Robert Crowley of the Montreal Symphony, soloist Alexander Fiterstein, members of the United States military bands, and many others.  

For information and inquiries about mouthpieces, please visit our contact page.  

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