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Chadash Barrels

Key Features and Benefits of Chadash Barrels:
  • Reverse tapered bore
  • Enhances the 12th interval tuning relationship to the fundamental
  • Very gradually tapered bore
  • Improves legato and holds the sound
  • Double reaming process
  • Improves accuracy of bore concentricity
  • Polished bore 
  • Creates a clean, focused sound that doesn't thin out as you go up the third and fifth partials
Buffet-Chadash Barrels

The Buffet-Chadash clarinet barrel is produced and distributed by Buffet Crampon.  The barrel, made from hand-selected unstained Dalbergia wood, is of the highest quality that Buffet has in their stocks in Paris.

The Buffet- Chadash barrel is a reverse tapered cone bore similar to the "Moennig" barrel but with a very slow progression of the taper. The boring process for each barrel is done with a single-edged French-style reamer  that involves two different passes with the borer followed by the polishing of the bore.

Chadash Ringless Barrels

The ringless Chadash Barrel is made from the finest selection of aged Mozambiquean Mpingo wood from East Africa. One can definitely hear and increase of ring to the sound without being blocked or absorbed by the metal rings.

Aesthetically, the shape of the barrel creates an attractive line since the top of the barrel continues the mouth piece diameter, moving down where it meets the upper joint top diameter with no bumps and/or bulges.  The inside diameter is the genuine Chadash barrel dimension producing an incredibly clean and pure sound.

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