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Just like an instrument, one barrel does not fit all.  While a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment, the right barrel can help bring your clarinet up to the next level, and the wrong one can hold you back.  Whether it is a slight tonal adjustment, tuning, or an adjustment to resistance, the right barrel can make all the difference.  We are happy to have a number of high quality options available for our clients. 

Buffet Moennig

Developed by Hans Moennig, the Moennig barrel features a reverse tapered bore.  The Moennig barrels are made of Grenadilla wood with metal rings. 

We are proud to offer selection services for our Moennig barrels.  We give the same attention to accessories as we do our instruments, and categorize them according to their individual playing characteristics.  Our approach is designed to cater to the symphony musicians and conservatory students with whom we regularly work.  Give us a call or email for pricing and specifics on available inventory.

Buffet Chadash

The Buffet-Chadash clarinet barrel is a joint venture of Buffet Crampon and Guy Chadash.  The barrel, made from hand-selected unstained Dalbergia wood, is of the highest quality that Buffet has in their stocks in Paris. The Chadash barrel is a reverse tapered cone bore similar to the "Moennig" barrel but with a very slow progression of the taper. The boring process for each barrel is done with a single-edged French-style reamer that involves two different passes with the borer followed by the polishing of the bore.

Chadash Ringless

Designed and crafted by Guy Chadash, these ringless barrels have the same entry and exit dimensions as the Buffet-Chadash, but a slightly different taper to the bore.

Both the Buffet-Chadash and the Chadash Ringless feature:
  • Reverse tapered bore
  • Enhances the 12th interval tuning relationship to the fundamental
  • Very gradually tapered bore
  • Double reaming process
  • Polished bore 

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