Professional Wind Instrument Consultants of nj

Northbranch Records, LLC, P.O. Box 5233, North Branch, NJ 08876, (908) 252-2828,

When we were little kids and our parents took us to the neighborhood music store for our first instruments, nobody said anything about the consumables and the gadgets that are part of this business. Not too long into it our parents learned about such things as reeds. No, they do not last forever and no you cannot buy them one at a time. Years go by and we are purchasing our first professional instruments and much to our parents' chagrin it doesn't stop there. There are mouthpieces, ligatures, barrels, bells, bocals, head joints, lead pipes, knives, planes, glasses, cases, and tuners.

We get it, and we have them. And if you do not see what you are looking for, ask. We can probably get it for you. We also do block pricing for teachers who aggregate large orders of specific items for themselves and their students.

For our mouthpieces and barrels, we are proud to now offer selection services as well. While we stand behind all of our products, we have taken the extra time to determine specific qualities of each barrel and mouthpiece, and grouped them according to performance attributes.   In much the same way we specifically select each instrument, we are working to bring you the best accessories for the best performing experience.  Please call or email us for details and pricing of this service.

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