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Northbranch Records, LLC

About NBR

There exists a body of musical works which are performance and pedagogical favorites of the world’s great musicians, but which rarely if ever are heard beyond the walls of the private studio or the halls of conservatories around the world. These wonderful pieces for solo, duo and small ensemble test the limits of instrument and performer, all the while being poignant examples of the compositional and performance styles that inspired them.

Much can be learned by both listener and performer from these works. The music can be expressive and melodic, or explore complex rhythmic and harmonic textures. Many of these pieces are ethnomusicological treasure-troves, their roots in folk tradition given voice through classical virtuoso renderings.  The evolution of the instruments of the modern orchestra can also be chronicled through the progression of these works. Each piece is a distillation of both the musician’s and composer’s crafts to its sheer essence and laid bare for the listener to appreciate and enjoy.

Northbranch Records was founded to bring these works into your home with as little between you and the performer as possible. That is why we call this series “Private Audience”. It is our goal to provide an intimate encounter with the performers and the music, as you would experience them if the performance was presented in your home for you alone.

The technology we employ is only as complex as it needs to be to achieve our goals. We record and master in 24-bit 2-track digital to capture as much of the performance as today’s technology will permit. The acoustic is simple, the signal path straight, the result uncluttered – technology in service of great music.

We are pleased to present these performances to you for your private enjoyment.
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